Another Long Table | Lunch on Gollion Farm

Location |
Gollion Farm, Sutton NSW

Fellow Hosts |
Sam Vincent: Farmer
Louis Couttoupes: Food | Chef Bar Rochford @boyandspoon
Iwona Bilski: @boyandspoon
Sophie Mico: Maitre d extrodinaire

Menu |
Fig, fromage frais, canberra honey
lamb tartare, kocho, wasabi root
smoked duck, thyme, viola

lamb, wild plum, pistachio, rose

tomato water, lovage, nasturtium

poachers lamb, wild fennel, figs
grass carrot, labneh, black barley
beets, black walnuts, burnt orange

hay pannacotta, milk crumb, pear

Paired Local Wine: Mallaluka Wines

We channeled the produce, views and lazy Sunday vibes of a Yass Valley country farm to host an Autumn long table lunch here on the outskirts of Canberra. The afternoon featured welcome drinks and canapés on the hilltop, a guided walk through the farms organic orchard, a long table set in amongst the trees of the orchard, a menu that showed off the verdant bounty of Gollion farm and the local region including dorper lamb and black Genoa figs, a selection of Mallauka Wines to pair with the dishes and bread baked by energizer bunny and French pastry chef/friend, Coco. Not to mention an impossibly wonderful table full of guests who patiently sat through a wood fired lamb delay and a brief but rather damp rain shower. It was an incredible afternoon full of so much goodness and exceptional work by the team. 

Big thank you's go to Coco, Jenni & Dmytriy for their relentless and generous help behind the scenes, Liss, the Blood & Bones boys and Anisa for the lend of their plates and platters and family Vincent's for letting us completely take over their farm.

A summary of the lunch, as seen in the Autumn issue of the Flower Seekers
Words by Sophie Mico. 

Simultaneously playful and deferential, Another Long Table at Gollion Farm was a testament to the richness of the Autumn season, and the ability of the long table lunch to promote friendship and good feeling. Half an hour north west of Canberra, Gollion is a second- generation farm run according to the principles of holistic management. The lunch menu, devised by Louis and Iwona of Boy and Spoon, incorporated Gollion's Dorper-cross lamb and organic Black Genoa figs, as well as produce grown and foraged from the Yass Valley, Canberra region and bush. Upon arrival, guests were greeted in a top paddock with views over the valley and a glass of local pet nat from MADA Wines. Future “lord of the manor” Sam Vincent offered a warm welcome before leading guests down past the makeshift kitchen; a Southern barbeque-esque set up featuring four legs of hanging lamb over a coal filled trailer. The table itself was nestled in the adjacent mixed fruit orchard, flanking a profuse 30 year old Genoa Fig. On the table, styled by Lean Timms, the soft pinks and purples of the figs were complemented by foraged blush pink gum and burgundy reeds. Variously textured golden dried grasses, wild fennel, cherry and peach woods, bronze and black tableware, balanced the overall effect of the styling with a subdued masculinity. The lunch which ensued featured figs with fromage frais and Canberra honey, lamb tartare with kocho and wasabi root, tomato water with nasturtium and lovage, poachers lamb with wild fennel and figs, beets with black walnuts and burnt orange. Three select wines from Mallaluka, another local producer, were served as compliments to these dishes and others. Dessert, a hay infused panna cotta with milk crumb and chamomile pears, was served with a nip of walnut wine; the perfect way to end a lazy Autumn lunch. 

The Little National Hotel Staycation + Versilles Exhibition

Some moments from a recent staycation at The Little National Hotel in Canberra. We were treated to a welcome dessert platter and mini moet on arrival, the comfiest bed (almost took one home), tickets to the Versailles exhibition at the National Gallery of Australia (amazing, go!) and breakfast at the very stylish french restaurant, Buvette. We even squeezed in an afternoon pizza on the lawn at The Commons street food festival, a spot of work in the hotel library, a play in the NGA sculpture garden and a late night dance party at Bar Rochford. A killer 24 hours. Love this little hotel. Love this city. Come stay. 

Local Milk Retreat Gotland, Sweden

Photos from a very special week spent on the Swedish island of Gotland back in June.
I found myself there teaching photography alongside / spending time with dear friends at one of Beth Kirby's famed Local Milk Retreats. An absolute honour on its own, let alone the sweet and raw feeling of celebrating a Swedish midsummer here - in utter heaven. Think picnics and horse riding on the beach, wild flower midsummer crowns, cobble stone wanders around the medieval town of Visby, stopping for lunches full of fish and fresh pressed cider, morning yoga, afternoon fika, dinners in the forest and inside tall, white greenhouses, farm tours of endless asparagus and strawberries, flickering candles in windowsills, grey fleeced Gotlandic sheep, a group of incredibly talented women, and evening sleeps and day time relaxation at the breathtaking restored 1700's farmhouse, Hotel Stelor. Possibly the best summer ever.
One million thank you's to two of the most generous people I know - Beth, who held such grace and energy being 7 months pregnant at the time and Matt who successfully got me into drinking both coffee and beer - for an unforgettable and soul nourishing time spent together in one of my favourite places on this earth. 

Interested in joining in on a retreat?
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